5a. What is faith?

People have asked me, “Susan, what is faith?” And I have answered like this:

Faith is that which allows you to sit down in a chair without first examining its underpinnings.
Faith is that which allows you to enter a room without first assessing its construction.
Faith allows you to enter a building without first performing surveys on its foundation.
Faith allows you to exist on the earth without fear that you will fly off as the earth spins around its own axis at approximately 1000 miles an hour while spinning around the sun at approximately 67000 miles an hour in our solar system which is spinning around the center of the Milky Way Galaxy at approximately 490000 miles per hour.
To have less that this level of faith is not compatible with human existence. Thus all people have this level of faith. We are born with it. It is a gift from our Creator.

Faith is that which allows you to set your alarm clock, and then to fall asleep.
Faith prompts you to calm a frightened child.
Faith permits you to bite into an apple, open your window, or speak with a stranger.
Faith allows you to enjoy sonshine, rainbows, and friends.
Faith looks for meaning in a word.
Faith encourages you to meditate and reflect.
Most people have this level of faith. And to believe there is no God assumes this level of faith.

Faith persuades you to die for what you believe.
Faith reminds you to perform a random act of kindness.
Faith urges you to pray.
Faith evaluates the meaning of a word.
Faith turns you to look outside of Creation for meaning in an unexpected blessing.
Faith extinguishes one’s own selfish desires and works for the common good of everyone.
Faith seeks one’s Creator with one’s human capacity to communicate and love.
Many people have this level of faith.

Faith seeks a loving relationship with the Word.
Faith impels us to look for meaning in the fact that there is no nothing -and how can it be, that nothing is something?
Faith forgives and forgets a wrong -any wrong, every wrong- whether asked to or not.
Faith feels the pain of loss knowing that one’s enemy is about to be executed: so therefore trades places -and frees the enemy.
Less people yet have this level of faith. This level is elementary to the Christian faith.

Faith knows that the Eucharist is God’s literal and wholly real presence as the body and blood, soul and divinity of Christ Jesus. And the Eucharist is consumed in a memorial celebration of His death and resurrection -because He is still alive and well. God and only the triune God is thus worshipped and glorified in human praise and thanksgiving.
Faith grasps that when the crucified and resurrected Jesus ascended into heaven He did not leave us as orphans, but first ordained leadership of His Church, His Bride, under the headship of the Apostle Peter.
Faith understands that the Church and that leadership has continued through the years -the decades, the centuries, and the millenniums- under the headship of Christ. And that this continuation has occurred through the laying on of hands and prayers from one generation of bishops to the next: from Christ and the Apostles to this present age in which His Church proclaims the Good News under the loving watch of Pope Francis and the college of bishops.
A few people have this level of faith. This is the full deposit of faith.

“There is one Lord, one faith, one baptism; one God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all. But grace was given to each of us according to the measure of Christ’s gift” (Eph. 4:6-7).

Faith occurs on a continuum. If you would like more faith, humbly ask Him, and He will give you more in His own timing and way. In Him all things are possible…